This follows on from my microblogging post earlier in the month. I thought I would give Tumblr a whirl.
Tumblr’s motto is “The easiest way to blog”
You can post photos, quotes, text, video, chats, audio and links.
Well that might be so but I still had to take the beginners course offered by Mashable.

*Thanks Mashable

Like other microbloggs and Facebook you can “follow” other users and “like” and “reblog”.
There is a common page called a ‘Dashboard’. A bit like in the car. You can see all the posts from the blogs you follow here
You can integrate your other sites such as Twitter and Facebook via RSS feeds on the ‘customize’ page.
I haven’t mastered (or even attempted) RSS feeds yet. That momentous occasion and post is yet to come.

There is a whole range of etiquette features that you should get your head around before diving straight in. There is no rule book but if you make one of these Tumblr faux pas you will invite the wrath of 108.6 million bloggers that are currently using it.
Mashable has them all written out here for you

The use of “tw” (that’s Trigger Warning for the uninitiated like me) is added to a post that may have sensitive issues that may trigger unpleasant reactions or memories in others.
I kind of got the impression that that was one of the important ones.
What about “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work)This one is also handy if you are sneaking a look at Tumblr whilst at work. Could save some embarrassing moments.
Don’t even get me started on “spoilers”. This is for all the people that follow TV show blogs and want a heads up if the plot is going to be revealed. Lord help you if you post something revealing and didn’t offer a “spoiler alert”.
Don’t worry there is even a Tumblr blog where you can follow all the etiquette tips/rants.

Oh and FYI………. reposting is bad, reblogging is good.

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