Micro blogging


There are some fantastic microblogs, other than Twitter, available that I didn’t know even existed. The irony of talking about the benefits of micro blogging on a regular blog is not lost on me. Recently I learnt about the value of micro blogging in businesses. 

Being able to communicate, share and collaborate whilst on the go makes it so much more versatile than email. Some examples of types of microblogs can be found here by Kristin Burnham (2009)

It provides an opportunity for staff to communicate and stay connected in time poor environments. The advantages over email include the ability to time track, archive links, bookmark favourite posts, user and performance profiles, search capabilities and tagging (folksomony).
Here are some ideas from Catherine Grenfell (2011) to help staff connect.

How can libraries use this idea? How does it enhance the libraries’ service? How does this format actually work? I think it can be used for teams such as Youth teams to communicate about upcoming events and holiday programs. For all staff it can be used as a quick way to communicate any daily changes to staffing, schedules and updates with clients. It also facilitates immediate responses from staff.
Read here how other businesses are using microblogging instead of email.

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The Creation of the OLJ


My online learning journal (OLJ) is more than just a requirement for my #INF206 assignment. It is a chance for me to face my fears of ‘putting myself out there’. I’m relatively reserved as a person and a bit of a self confessed binge social network user (Like binge drinking but without the hangover).
Social networking, for me, is a way of connecting with others who have similar interests. I’m currently using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Instagram to connect both personally and professionally. Social networking is also useful for storing, collecting and organising information, ideas and interests. I use sites such as Pinterest and Diigo for this. But like all social interactions you have to give a little to get a little. This is currently harder than it sounds.
I currently am in more social media sites than I actually use. This blog site is a prime example. I created it in May 2012 but this is my first entry. I love the idea of gaining more knowledge and information but struggle with the public connections. And I know that I use other people’s ideas and information more than my own. I am the essential Retweeter (Twitter) and repinner (Pinterest). That’s not a bad thing. I’m sharing and connecting information.
I have found solace in using Skype (the typing part, not the face to face part) and Facebook to connect with a small group of uni students. I find these tools very effective for study connections. They are real time, they give me instant feedback and because my study buddies are studying the same or similar subjects as me the information swap is very pertinent and there is no wasted ‘fluff’.
It’s the ‘fluff’ or non interesting/pertinent information that turns me off some social media. It can be information overload or even frustrating not getting specific information that you are searching for.
I’m hoping to learn how to streamline my networking sites and filter all the information for specific purposes. Maybe also generate my own information as well.
Wish me luck

Hello world!


I’m a Mum and an Info Studies student. I work in a school library and public library. I’m life long learner and even though I have been using web 2.0 tools for years, I’m still a social networking noob. All opinions are my own.