Social media for teens


There has been lots of talk lately on the promotion of programs and events to create an increase to in teenage presence in the library, both virtually and physically.
Generation Y users are growing up with modern information technologies but research suggests that teens are absent from the library (Agosto & Abbas, 2011, p. 97).
The trick is how to market library resources and services to this demographic. There are so many social media platforms. The rise and fall of social media sites seems as fickle as teenagers themselves. According to Daniel Miller Facebook is now dead to teens and have seen the rise of the next big four: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsAp. But Sonya Diehn believes it is not dead it is just going to be used differently, such as catching up with family, organising events and creating photo albums. Peer to peer connections are more attuned to apps as teens live their life through their mobile devices. MarketWatch list 5 sites that teens flock to instead of Facebook.
Which ones will suit your library and teen clientele? The trick is to do your homework.
Top tips
1. Use the Guidelines for promoting and marketing to teens (State Library of Queensland, 2009, p. 2
2. See what other libraries are doing
3. Create a plan, strategies and policies
4. Train your staff
5. Link your accounts and platforms
6. Create, engage and participate regularly online
7. Review and evaluate regularly

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